NOTICE: New Domain and Site Title

It is time for a change; plus, I need a challenge. I have been posting under the title of “What’s On My PC” since 2008. I have decided to bring the site title and domain more in alignment with the times and to coincide with the recent content I have been posting. The new site title will be “Tech News For You” (at I was actually surprised that this domain name was available. Anyhow, you will eventually see changes happening (and mistakes). If the site blows up, it has been a good run. Stay tuned…

6 thoughts on “NOTICE: New Domain and Site Title

      1. You’re welcome Rick, Also thank you for your concern we’re good!

        Thank you Rick, Since I was young I was given tests with images that had story lines with no words attached and as well color and shapes… I was told at the age of five I had an eye for design. The only thing I did on the website as far as editing the image was add a darker shade over the background image to make the white text via posts stand out better than I uploaded the image via the theme editor. I use for my copyright free images mainly.

        I almost forgot to mention when I purchased the premium upgrade I gained unlimited access to their premium theme section. So I switched from using a free theme to a premium theme because some of the premium themes have more options via the theme editor. I went from using (Free) Gazette to (Premium) Obsidian theme. Makes a big difference.

        Also since I am talking about the theme I changed the tagline to have a more profound message as well inviting message to fit the cause I’m trying to lead here is the link to that short update post

        Thank you again Rick,


      2. Rick, I apologize for the previous comment I wrote that comment via the notification reply option trying to write an comment before first cup of coffee to the comment you left about the theme change on my website. lol you can delete it here if you would like.

        The family and I are doing well. Blessings to you and your family as well.


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