Trying something NEW at “What’s On My PC”…

As a tech blogger, going on 12 years, it is a challenge to keep the traffic flowing to the site. You must keep up with the times and you are at the mercy of search engine algorithm’s that can bump you up or down in the rankings at any given moment.

To change things up a bit, you are going to see a different format in my postings. In today’s world of computing, most folks want information and they want it fast; like, lightning fast. For example, when you browse Facebook it is about taking in information fast (even though most of it is drama). What you are going to start seeing here at “What’s On My PC” are post titles that will give you all the information that you need to know (that you can quickly glance at), then you will find a source for that information (if you are interested in exploring further).

I have been experimenting with this format and what I am finding is that I can post more information (quickly), as well. The presentation may not be pretty at times, but it gets the information out there very fast. This does not mean that I will not stop posting articles from time to time that is generated from my own brain matter (for which is becoming less and less everyday).

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4 thoughts on “Trying something NEW at “What’s On My PC”…

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  1. Sounds good, was thinking the other day, so much time I waste scrolling through useless text, just trying to find what command / menu I need to use to actually get job done.


    1. Thanks James… I value your opinion. I know myself (being in the IT Field) you learn to multitask and read fast (or at least I did and still do). In other words, I want the meat and potato’s and don’t need all the other fluff.


    1. Will do Jacqui… Trying this to see what happens by basically flipping this around (i.e. all you need to know in the title section and the source in the body of the post). I am already seeing an increase in page views; but, that could be bots (not real people). Will be interesting how the search engines see this when the pages are scanned. Hope all is well with you and your family!


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