Learn how to turn an old laptop into a Chromebook at Android Police…

While Google officially supports only devices that are custom-built to fit Chrome OS, thanks to Neverware’s CloudReady fork of Chromium OS, almost any x86 Windows or Mac OS laptop can become a Chromebook, plus: it’s totally free. Let “Android Police” show you how to get the most out of your old laptop by turning it into a Chromebook…

2 thoughts on “Learn how to turn an old laptop into a Chromebook at Android Police…

  1. I use CloudReady as my main machine day in day out. I was already a Chrome OS enthusiast beforehand but was still using Win 10 as my main laptop. Then Win10 failed on me and I installed Cloud Ready to use whilst I decided what to do. 3 Years later am still using Cloud Ready, which is largely the same as using a Chromebook. There is no android apps but you can use Linux Beta (the article is wrong about that) it also has some features that Chrome OS doesn’t have such as Virtual Box and Flatpak Apps (bit like Play Store for Linux Apps).

    I really should get back to using Windows some day as I work in IT, but for personal experience I dread the high maintenance and price of Windows Machines. Off course ironically they are the reasons I have a job in IT, just don’t tell my boss I prefer Chrome OS / Cloud Ready, lol, it just makes life so much simpler and cheaper.


    1. James,

      Thank you for this information. I have not tried Cloud Ready, but do have my eye on an older box that is going to need new life breathed into it and this is the direction I am thinking in order to repurpose the computer.

      I am probably much older than you (just guessing). I retired from State Government and served as the IT Admin when the internet, Microsoft Office, networking, etc… was just ramping up. I actually held two positions for nearly 14 years and was self-taught in computers, networking and information technology in general… I tell younger people, you have to have passion for what you do and in the world of IT, you must grasp and learn (keep up) with it everyday in order to be successful. Myself, as a result of being self-taught, have become the jack of all trades and the master of none. It has actually become my hobby at this point… On the negative side, the IT profession can be very stressful and can be one of those thankless jobs. I venture to say, based on your knowledge, you have the passion. I agree with you about the ChromeOS and being low maintenance in comparison to the Windows OS. I actually recommend to people to go with Chromebooks; especially our elders due to the simplicity and low maintenance. Thanks again for your information…



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