Microsoft Edge 81.0.416.72

Seeing Microsoft Edge [homepage], final release version, posted at the Download Crew. Key points I picked up from their post is Microsoft has decided to stop trying to build their own browser from scratch and moved to the Chromium framework, which is the engine that powers Google Chrome and other browsers. I can tell you, I have tested this browser and Microsoft has done an excellent job.

Edge is the release version of this new browser. Unlike Chrome, Microsoft has deployed their own account system which will eventually synchronize your data including favorites, extensions, themes and browsing history. Right now, only your favorites are synchronized.

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Edge 81.0.416.72

  1. I have been running this on my Win 7 machine for a while, yes it is pretty good and fast. They are going to support it I think till May 2021 on Win 7 even though they no longer support Win 7. Am waiting for it to arrive through Updates on my Win 10 machine sill though … rather than force an install. Also there is supposed to be a linux version sometime . Can’t wait to run Microsoft Chromium Edge as a linux app on my Chromebook, lol, as well as running it as an andoid app through playstore on chromebook, and ios and mac os, lol. How things have changed since Internet Explorer.


    1. James,

      Thanks for the awesome response and the heads up on the linux version of Edge (for Chromebook). I just installed the Linux version of Vivaldi on my Chromebook and love it. Had to jump through a few hoops though.




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