Excel Draw -The easiest way to create and view CAD drawings inside Microsoft Excel…

Ah… The power and capabilities of Microsoft Excel. Recently a developer of multiple commercial software products reached out to me about their products. After reviewing the products on their web site (Gray Technical), there was one product that really caught my eye that I found to be very unique. The product is called “Excel Draw“…

Excel Draw is and add-on to Microsoft Excel that gives you the ability to create technical and engineering style CAD drawings directly inside any worksheet you are working on. Once installed, you will see a tab the top of the Excel software that gets you to the tools (and objects) you need to make your drawings. What is really cool about this is, even though Excel Draw is an add-on software application to Excel, whatever you create (or embed) into a worksheet or workbook can be easily viewed by others (even if they do not have the software installed). Create, view, send and even export directly into DXF drawings, all from inside Microsoft Excel!

With Excel Draw, you can get as technical and complex with these drawings as you want, as the tools and objects to do that are readily there.

If you are someone that is looking for a powerful option to create, view and export DXF drawing files using software that you already most likely have, I encourage you take a look at Excel Draw.

Excel Draw has been tested to work with Office 2007 up to Office 2019; AND, has been tested to work on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 10.

In summary, features are as follows:

  • Graph drawing objects
    • Rectangles, Lines, Points, Circles, Text and now Arcs *NEW
  • CAD style command line input option *NEW
  • Display multiple drawings inside one workbook *IMPROVED
  • Calculate distances between objects *NEW
  • Custom and Default origin options *NEW
  • Manage multiple objects with highlighting selection *NEW
  • Customize drawings colors *NEW
  • Rotate, pan and zoom in 3D *IMPROVED
  • Automatically update values and objects in real time *IMPROVED
  • Use Absolute, Relative, Z and Non Z objects interchangeably
  • Export drawings into several formats:
  • Make sure anyone with Excel can view your drawing!

Best of all you can do all of this only using Excel!

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