Clipdiary – A FREE Powerful Clipboard Manager

Clipdiary is a favorite of mine, here at “What’s On My PC”, that allows me to store all my copy/paste operations (text and image) on my computer. This is very handy when you are a blogger or writer and you need to copy/paste information into a blog post.

Clipdiary can either be fully installed or downloaded as a portable app. In my case, as usual, I go portable.


  • Clipdiary monitors the clipboard and automatically saves its contents to the clipboard history
  • Work with text, links, images, files, and all other clipboard formats
  • Supports Starred Clips and Labels. Mark clips as important and use Labels to organize them into folders
  • Snippets – often used text templates for quick pasting.
  • The clipboard history remains between reboots
  • You can retrieve the data stored in the clipboard history whenever you need to, even after many years
  • Database encryption support (AES-256)

Source: Clipdiary

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