Use This FREE Software To Create A Desktop News Ticker On Your Desktop

Here at What’s On My PC, I am a news junkie who monitors news headlines from news sources worldwide. If you are only watching or reading from one news source, you are not informed. To help me keep abreast of the latest news, from multiple news feeds, I use a news ticker that scrolls the incoming news on my desktop. It is called “Desktop Ticker“… Desktop Ticker is a FREE aggregator application that allows you to keep an eye on your favorite RSS and Atom web feeds. It is fully customizable (i.e. font size, colors, etc…) You have the option of a full install or download as a portable app. To help get you started, the maker’s of the software (called Battware) has a nice user’s guide — HERE.

Image of feed item preview

Source: Battware – Desktop Ticker

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