How To Create And Work With “Web Apps” In The NEW Microsoft Edge

The NEW “Chromium-based” Microsoft Edge browser will take some time to roll out to everyone’s PC, but if you are like me and want it NOW; then, CLICK HERE. I have been testing this browser, among others, and I keep finding that the NEW Edge browser; well, is just one smooth browser.

One of the features I am messing with is the option to create apps from web sites. If you go to and click on the three horizontal dots at the top right corner, this will open a menu. On that menu you will find a menu item labelled as “Apps”. If you click or hover on “Apps”, another side menu will open that has an option labelled “Install this site as an app”.  What this does is allow you create separate apps out of sites you may use frequently.

These apps are then created on your Windows desktop that can then be pinned to the ‘Taskbar” or to the “Start Menu”. You can also get to these apps (to manage, launch and remove them), by entering “edge://apps/” in the address bar of Microsoft Edge. I actually bookmarked this in my bookmarks to make it easier to get to and launch my apps when working in a browser session.

What I like about this feature is that I can resize the app’s window size to the size I desire and so far through my testing, the window sizes are holding. For example, I have an app set up that launches the mobile version of the National Weather Service where I resized the window to give it that true app feeling (see below).

Screenshot – Sample App

Again, just to let you folks at home know; Microsoft will eventually roll out this NEW version of Microsoft Edge in the coming months; however, you can get the “stable” version now. I am finding it to be a great browser that will put Microsoft in head-to-head competition with Google Chrome.

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