A Tech Message from Soulja of Hope: Newton Email Alternative (Mailspring)

This morning, writer’s block hit me when a “Tech Message” from Soulja of Hope showed up in my inbox to save the day. If you are a subscriber or user of the “Newton Email Service”, you need to read this message (see below) and look at an alternative email service such as recommended by “Soulja of Hope“.

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Hello Rick, I was previously using Blue mail for Windows and I didn’t like it since Blue mail is in its early stages for Windows. So, I went searching for a free replacement and I come across the Newton email client but noticed that at the top of their website they were getting ready to shut it down. I then come across Mailspring which claims they are a great Newton replacement.

The Mailspring website say’s unlimited email synced accounts (unified inbox) but after I created a spring mail account I was presented with the option to sync only four emails. (unified inbox) the $8 subscription option I believe is the unlimited version plus many more features as well.

I thought I would send out a email to you since there may be readers of your website that may or may not be aware of the closing of the Newton email client and wanted to bring to light an alternative…

Source of the announcement of Newton Email Client shutting down: https://www.essential.com/blog/essential-update

Mailspring website: https://getmailspring.com/

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