A FREE Virtual Pointer Stick For Onscreen Presentations

Here is a portable (no install required) Window’s software application that is very unique in what it has been designed to do. It is called PointerStick.

PointerStick is a virtual pointer stick that you can use to enhance and point our specifics on anything that you see on your on the computer screen. This program is a great companion when making presentations that are projected on a screen where there is an audience (like in a business meeting or a classroom).

The virtual mouse pointer extension for the Windows Desktop!

Key Features in the Virtual Mouse Pointer:

  • Adjustable size of the Mouse Pointer Stick
  • Several Pointing-Stick textures (bitmaps)
  • Optional alpha transparency for the Mouse Pointer
  • Optional deactivation by mouse or keyboard input
    hide system mouse pointer feature

Source: PointerStick

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