DSynchronize – FREE Backup Software That Is Perfect For People At Home

If you are a person at home who saves data (pictures, videos, documents, etc…) to an external hard drive (or other source) you may want to take a look at the FREE backup software called DSynchronize. This software is actually a portable app (no install required). Simply download it to a folder, unzip it and run. I would put this in a folder that you can go back to in the future to run the program and retain the settings. After starting the program you will see a bunch of settings. I typically leave it at the default settings. For typical backups, simply select the source folder and then the destination folder, then click on synchronize. After running a backup, “DSynchronize” will retain your settings for future use. I have used this program for years and it is all I use to back up gigabytes of data across my home network and to a external hard drives.

DSynchronize Screenshot

DSynchronize is a stand-alone utility that let you periodically synchronize two or more folders on Hard Disk, Floppy Disk, LAN, USB Key, CD-DVD and FTP server.

List of main features:

° Standard and timer sync.
° RealTime sync.
° Bidirectional sync.
° Transactional sync (by the journal of NTFS).
° Selective filter (you can exclude single files or folders).
° Start as Service (the program don’t needs to log in).
° Supports Symbolic Links and Hard Links.
° Supports Junctions and Mount Points.
° Supports ACL.
° Log sent by Email.
° Backup of previous version of replaced files.
° Byte to byte compare.
° Supports multiple Jobs, each with it’s settings and sync paths.
° Minimum resource occupation (RAM and CPU).

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