BleachBit 3.2.0 Released

BleachBit is an open source Windows software application (available as a full install or portable app) that acts as a privacy guard by freeing disk space and cleaning the cache, deleting cookies, clearing the Internet history, shredding temporary files, delete logs, and discarding junk you didn’t know was there. Bleachbit also includes advanced features (that at one time made National News) with its’ advanced features of shredding files to prevent recovery and wiping free disk space to hide traces of files deleted by other applications. I can remember following when BleachBit made the national news and how inept our politicians were in describing this software that revealed their technical skills at the time.

When you launch BleachBit for the first time, it will take a minute or two to scan or system. Subsequent launches of the application are much faster. Also, if wiping free disk space, this process can be quite lengthy (but it will do the job). I do recommend that you sort of know what you are doing when checking off what you want cleaned. For example, if you use the password storage cache in your browser and you check the box to clean that; guess what? It will clear the password cache… BleachBit has been around for a long time; and, as a result, it is good open source software (for FREE).

Source: BleachBit

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