Tablacus Explorer – A Tabbed File Manager With Add-On Support

Recently I posted about “Explorer++ – A Small and Fast Tabbed File Manager for Windows” and following that posting I came across (and remembered) another file manager called “Tablacus Explorer“. This file manager is open source; is portable (small file size); has been around as long as I can remember; features add-ons; and, can be customized. For example, instead of a single pane layout, you can load a variety of different layouts. In my case here at “What’s On My PC” I like a file manager with a dual pane layout. “Tablacus Explorer” does not have a help file; but is very easy to figure out. I will take this file manager over the one that is built into Windows anytime.

Screenshot for: Tablacus Explorer 20.02.02

Source: Tablacus Explorer

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