Found This At Bargain Dumpster Price – Vonets VAP11G-300 WiFi Signal Booster

My wife and I were out shopping at one of “her” favorite box stores when I spotted a device, in a slightly opened box, in the clearance section, that had an RJ45 network cable connected to it. Upon further inspection I noticed there was no booklet or instructions in the box; however, from experience I could tell it was some type of WiFi repeater or signal booster. Price on the device was $4… At this point, I got the other side of my brain out of my pocket (my smartphone) and googled the devices’ name (“Vonets VAP11G-300“) and found the following description:

VAP11G-300 is a safe environmental WiFi signal Repeater. In WiFi bridge and repeater mode, VAP11G-300 can double extend the existing WiFi signal range, also can make sure the safey of WiFi signal. The work theory is: on the edge of the original WiFi hotspot signal coverage, put a VAP11G-300 under “WiFi Repeater mode”, VAP11G-300 will extend the weak WiFi signal receive to normal and safe strength and after optimization and error correction processing to reach the double extension of WiFi signal range under the premise security. It is different from traditional WiFi Signal amplifer—it just amplifies the signal and ignore the WiFi security.

I also found that the “Vonets VAP11G-300” typically sells for around $19 at Amazon

Vonets VAP11G-300 Wireless Portable WiFi Repeater/Bridge/AP Modes, Pocket Design 300mbps Multi-Functional AP Signal Booster, Plug & Play High Power WiFi Hotspot Extender Amplifier, USB Powered

After determining specifically what the device was, I took advantage of the bargain price and purchased it at the markdown of $4. In my work area in my garage where I do most of my computer work, which is on the other side of the house from my router, I connected the VAP11G-300 to my computer via the RJ45 port. With this device it has several power connection options. In my case I plugged it into one of the USB ports. To configure the device, I went into a web configuration (by the address provided), found my wireless router, connected and voila’, I was up and running. At this point I actually disabled the wireless connection mode on my computer. The VAP11G-300 pulled in and boosted the data signal from my router and I noticed that now my internet connection (and computer) appeared as a normal RJ45 network connected device (when in fact it is using a wireless signal, if that makes any sense). The speed difference from before and after was very noticeable and after running an internet speed test, I nearly doubled my connection speed and was very close to my hardwired cable connection in the house.

I am going to put this device through its’ paces. If interested in purchasing one of these you can get it at Amazon (click here).  Thanks for visiting and reading “What’s On My PC“…

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