Which One Is Your Favorite “Chromium Platform Browser”?

To you folks at home, I am sure you are very familiar with Google Chrome. Google Chrome is Google’s signature web browser; but, did you know that Google Chrome is a spin off of what is called Chromium. Chromium (as defined by Wikipedia) is “a Google-developed, free and open-source project whose source code can be compiled into a web browser”. There is actually a Chromium web browser.

As result of the Chromium platform being open source, other entities can freely use the source code to develop their own signature web browser platforms. For example, here at “What’s On My PC” I have installed on my computer (for testing purposes) Google Chrome, the new Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi and Brave. Each one of the these browsers are built off the source code of Chromium and if you install and test drive these browsers you will notice the similarities to that of Google Chrome; however, each of these browsers have unique features.

Which one is better? Actually, they are all very good and it is exciting to see these browsers in competition with each other. It really comes down to a matter of opinion and maybe loyalty. Maybe you love Google products, Microsoft products or you like the idea of Open Source products. Maybe you love additional features; want more privacy and security; you want faster;  or, like myself, you love trying new software applications.

Which one is my favorite??? At this point (and that can change at anytime), my favorite is the open source browser called BRAVE. What is catching my attention with BRAVE is the (to the naked eye) smoothness, clarity and speed; the more aggressive security and privacy protections; and, the seamless compatibility with the Google Chrome Store (to install my browser extensions).

What “Chromium Platform Browser” is your favorite? Feel free to comment….

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One thought on “Which One Is Your Favorite “Chromium Platform Browser”?

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  1. Hello Rick, @Whatsonmypc As you know I was rocking the Vivaldi Browser because of the vast customization. Yesterday I ended up needing to reset my computer because of Bluetooth issues unfortunately the reset didn’t fix the issue but i did figure it out through many suggestions on the internet that I tried before the reset process. (after reset) because the reset didn’t reset the Bluetooth I ended up mixing the various options found on the internet that ended up fixing the issue after many hours of frustration…

    I figured if the computer had been reset I figured it would be a good time to try a new browser since Vivaldi got uninstalled through the reset process. I tried the new edge but the edge browser is still too new with hiccups and plagued at times with major slowness.

    So, I returned to Brave to give it a test drive again, and so far I am impressed not just by the speed and privacy but the streamed lined bare bones look that gives more real estate to the screen content I view daily.

    I was experiencing with Vivaldi slow downs as I keep the browser open for a few hours give or take about 4 hrs before the slowness became annoying. I have had Brave open for 6 hours now and just starting to notice a little slow down with reaction time from the browser.

    Vivaldi is by far my favorite because of the deep customization but in the other contending area’s of the chromium browser war brave has it hands down being 3rd party to the popular chrome browser.


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