“Brave” Web Browser Review @ Help Desk Geek… You may want to keep an eye on this web browser…

Here at What’s On My PC I am familiar (in name) with this browser (called Brave), built on the Chromium platform, that features some pretty aggressive privacy protections and reportedly is super-fast. One question I had, is “Will my Chrome Browser extensions work with Brave since it is built on the Chromium platform?”. Answer, according to this article, is “yes”. Will have to take a good look at “Brave” to see where it stands in the comparison to Google Chrome, Vivaldi, and the new Microsoft Edge.

To read more about “Brave”, I encourage you to read the review at the Help Desk Geek (source link reflected below).

Brave has positioned itself as the faster loading browser with better privacy protection than the bulk of its competitors. A core feature of Brave is that it blocks ads by default. Something that originally created quite a stir as many viewed this as a serious threat to content creators. However, this is not entirely the case.

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3 thoughts on ““Brave” Web Browser Review @ Help Desk Geek… You may want to keep an eye on this web browser…

  1. Brave is a solid browser when it comes to speed and privacy… I was using Brave up until I come across Vivaldi Browser (chromium based) as mentioned in a previous comment… I wish the Brave browser offered the option to stack tabs and if they ever do I will switch back to brave instantly. I usually have a lot of tabs open lol

    Here is a gif demonstration showing off Vivaldi’s stacked tab option. The stack tab option is just drag and drop it can be a little tricky and you have to hover over the stack tab you would like to un-stack if you want the tab as a stand alone tab again and then right click on the tab you want to un-stacked and choose the option to un-stack tab through the contextual menu



  2. R.E.I.G.N.,

    Thanks for the insight on Vivaldi and that cool demo graphic of the stacked tabs. There are a lot of browsers selections out there right now. Brave is sort of a plain jane browser to the naked eye and it does fly (due to the ad blocking capability). Before it is over with, I will have Chrome, the new Edge, Vivaldi and Brave installed… LOL… I actually have the portable version of Brave I am messing with now.

    Thank for commenting and your valuable input.



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