Price Reduction Noticed On These Water Sensor (leak) Detectors

You have to love technology and the smart devices that are now available to us. Here is an example of a smart device that is in the form of water sensor (or leak) detector. If you are in situation where you have to monitor an area susceptible to leaks or flooding, the Govee WiFi Water Sensor  may be helpful in alerting you when conditions are not good. You can remotely monitor the situation area, from your smartphone, when away from the area. These sensors are now in a price range (with a reduction of 53%) that is a no-brainer. A Wi-Fi connection is required in order to take full advantage of these detectors.

Remote Monitor and Alarm: The Water Leak Detector and gateway are paired out of box, connect the gateway to WiFi and it will immediately send emails, APP Notification and Alert to your cellphone when water leakage happened, and allow you to detect the water leakage while you’re away from home.

Dripping and Leaking Alert: Besides 2 groups of back sensitive water alarm probes, Our WiFi water leak detector has one group front probe for water pipe dripping. Name each WiFi water alarms with its location on the cellphone APP like laundry room, bathrooms, basements, bedroom, apartment, kitchen, sinks, water heaters to detect leaks from anywhere before they cause costly water damage

Loud Audible Alarm With Mute Button: If WiFi is not available for the gateway temporarily, each water leak sensor features an ultra-loud 100 dB alarm, loud enough to be heard even if leakage happens in basement, press the mute button to mute the sound when you find the leaking place. BATTERY LEVEL DISPLAY is also available on the app

Govee WiFi Water Sensor, Smart APP Leak Alert, Wireless Water Alarm and Alarm with Email, Notification, App Alerts, Remote Monitor Leak for Home Security Basement (Don’t Support 5G WiFi) -3 Packs

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