Did you know there is a NEW Microsoft Edge?

Eventually, you will see the NEW Microsoft Edge on your computer. For the people in the world of tech, this may be exciting news. For the people at home, changes like this cause anxiety (i.e. Now what???). Microsoft Edge is the web browser built into Windows 10. Most folks I work with at home have Google Chrome or Firefox installed due to the issues that were associated with Edge. Well, Microsoft has listened and there is now a NEW Microsoft Edge that is built off of, get this, the Chromium browser engine (or guts) which is the same distinct engine that Google Chrome is built off of. Keep in mind, Microsoft and Google are competitors in the world of tech, so this is interesting in that aspect. I am seeing, more and more, where the tech giants are sort of working together to help make our computer experiences more seamless.

I have played around with the NEW Microsoft Edge and I am impressed. I am impressed by the interface, the speed, the features, the security and most importantly (for me) that you can use the same browser extensions that you find in the Google Chrome Store. I also found in the settings that you will eventually be able to import your extensions from Google Chrome. You can, right now, import your bookmarks from other browsers easily.

If you don’t want to wait for the NEW Microsoft Edge to arrive on your computer, you can get it now by visiting the Microsoft Edge download site — CLICK HERE — . The download and install worked for me without a hitch. If you download and install Edge, you may be prompted to make Edge your default browser. You may want to skip over that until you have taken it for a spin. I think if you do, you will stand back and say, “Hey this is pretty good”…

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2 thoughts on “Did you know there is a NEW Microsoft Edge?

  1. Liking the new edge browser and logo, The edge browser is pretty responsive too, which now gives Microsoft a leg in the race. I personally use Vivaldi browser which is also an chromium based browse. The reason I like Vivaldi is because the browser offers deep customization in the setting panel.


    1. R.E.I.G.N.

      Vivaldi is an excellent choice. What you state is “right on”. I believe Vivaldi has made the Android platform, as well. I love it when these third party browsers come out and make for a good choice.



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