Be Inspired – Visit a Former Tech Blogger’s Site – “Soulja of Hope”

To help out a former tech blogger who at one time managed the site “Teck-Line” (back in 2008), I have placed here on the blog, links to his NEW site called “Soulja of Hope“. You will notice here at “What’s On My PC” the following type of link and graphic on the pages you visit that will get you to his site. This former tech blogger and I recently crossed paths, once again; but, this time it is a crossing of paths where Technology and Christianity met. So, be inspired; visit “Soulja of Hope” and encourage this man to continue his journey in his walk with Christ in helping others see that there is hope and that we are all equal in the eyes of God.

Former Tech Blogger
Be Inspired
Visit “Soulja of Hope

What is or Who is “Soulja of Hope”? Best description I found on his site is this:

“I am known here on the blog as R,E.I.G.N (Reaching Everyone In God’s Name) I am an ex-gang banger and ex-satanist; now, I have a great passion and great love for our Lord & Savior (Jesus Christ)”.

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