OFF TOPIC: THANK YOU to R.E.I.G.N. @ Soulja Of Hope

I have been posting at “What’s On My PC” since July 2008. I have seen bloggers and tech writers come and go. One of the blessings as a blogger is the people you will occasionally connect with. Recently, I reconnected with a blogger that has been in the circuit since 2005. When I entered the blogging circuit he was managing a site called “Teck-Line” that, in my opinion, not only had great content; but, his graphics are what grabbed me. I don’t know when his site “Teck-Line” became history, but I sure missed it. In and about 2015 I kept noticing a site called “Soulja 4 Christ” popping up and I subscribed to it, not really knowing, that this was the same dude who had managed “Teck-Line”. Again, the graphics on his site was the initial draw; then, it was the content that he was posting that was catching my eye. The content, Christian based “personal” experiences, paralleled some of the struggles that I had also been through in my past; however, this guy was working through some major struggles with the aid of the master (Jesus Christ). Just recently, I noticed his NEW blog; and, today it is known as “Soulja Of Hope – Equipping Others To Become Kingdom Driven” which is “a ministry in a sense that he strives to Minister God’s love towards others”. Since 2015, I also noticed that this guy (known today as R.E.I.G.N. – Reaching Everyone In God’s Name) had not only evolved into a great writer in spreading the Word of God; he also had overcome much and evolved into a great human being.

Thank you R.E.I.G.N. for your uplifting help on my blog (graphic assistance and input) that gave me the incentive to try some new graphic work of my own and please continue spreading the Word of God in the manner for which you are so good at. I don’t think you realize that you are and can be an inspiration to others who don’t know Christ and inspiration to others who face struggles where they feel there is no hope.

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  1. Reblogged this on Soulja Of Hope and commented:
    I recently felt compelled by the Holy Spirit to pay respect to Rick, for adding my old blog (Teck~Line) to his blog roll 12 years ago. So, I wrote a write up about his blog and His honest authorship. The Holy Spirit even directed me to create a image header for Rick’s blog, expecting nothing in return and today I Awoke to this post from Rick and it brought forth humble tears… I will post soon about that experience form God’s perspective


  2. Hello To Rick, and What’sOn My PC readers.

    Little Fact About Teck~Line

    Teck~Line was the founding blog of today I never thought that Teck~line would become the foundation of Soulja of Hope I say this because I changed the url from Teck~Line to Soulja 4 Christ and then recently to Soulja of Hope.

    I am humbled by Rick’s write up and it brought forth humbled tears I say this because from a writers perspective you don’t realize the impact you have on others reading the posts as a writer we choose to write and the blogging atmosphere can become an empty sphere in the retro perspective of the vast blogs on the internet and not just websites/blogs competing for readership now days…

    Readership is nice to have but I have come to learn that the readership doesn’t make the blog but rather two aspects that does the passion that drives the author to write and the community that surrounds the author. I am humbled to be apart of the What’s On My Pc community for I know I will find honest reviews as well discover new and old forgotten software and apps that Rick post on his blog.

    Thank you Rick and the community of What’s On My PC community to allow me to feel welcomed…

    Yes, Rick, said it up front there is vast amounts of the website(s)/blog(s) that have made it to the internet graveyard and yet What’s On My Pc, is still around today 15 yrs later speaks volumes of Rick’s passion that kept What’s On My Pc alive this many years later…

    Keep up the great work Rick, as one of the vast What’s On My Pc readers I look forward to reading many more great posts.

    When I complete the post about my humbled response of Rick’s post I will drop a link here

    P.s. Rick, love the direction you took the image header too, looks even better then what I created for you. Great work!!! Rick,

    Thank you again, Reign,


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