Learn About “MiniTool MovieMaker Free for Windows 10” @ I Love Free Software

One of my favorite software related sites is “I Love Free Software”. I noticed a post that popped up in their feed, featuring a FREE software product, called “MiniTool Movie Maker Free for Windows.” There were two things about their post that caught my attention. One, I have been looking for movie maker (video editing) software; and Two, (after digging further) the developer “MiniTool” is the software developer of the excellent “MiniTool Partition Manager“, even though the “MiniTool” site makes no mention of that. The name and logo immediately jumped out at me and after some further research, I discovered that both products are at the same mailing address. Anyhow, the developer is a reputable software developer and “MiniTool Movie Maker Free for Windows” I will definitely be installing. Learn about and how you can get this software by clicking on the source link below.

MiniTool MovieMaker is a free software for Windows 10, which lets you create amazing quality movies using photos, videos, and music from your device. You can add various effects, transitions, text, etc. to your video and can also download it to your device in various formats. The effects and transitions provided are of high quality and you can even use pre made video templates that have amazing video quality.

Source: MiniTool MovieMaker Free for Windows 10

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