Lock Your Android Apps AND Protect Your Privacy With Norton App Lock

Nearly everyone that carries a smartphone has sensitive information on the phone. Typically this information is accessed by an app that is installed. Most folks don’t think about the security of this information until they misplace or lose the phone. For example, apps that store pictures, personal and financial information, and even control the devices in your home could be compromised if the phone ended up in the wrong hands. Yes, most folks password-protect their phones; but, many do not (which is a disaster waiting to happen). Even if you do password protect your phone there is a high probability that someone else, who wanted to compromise your phone’s information, would find a way to get to the information. It could even be someone you trust.

To give you a layer of protection, which is FREE, I suggest you take a look at Norton App Lock. Norton who has been around for years has developed an app lock that is more secure and not battery hungry compared to many of the app locks available where a crafty person can bypass the security.

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You can read more on Norton App Lock by clicking on the source link below, but in summary what this app does is give you the ability to password protect whatever app you want by assigning a PIN, Password or Pattern. For example, I assigned a PIN to my Gmail app on my phone. In order to launch and open the Gmail app, a PIN is required. I have also locked down other apps on my phone, as well. This added layer of security gives me a better feeling knowing my information is safe in the event the phone is compromised.

Source: Google Play Store – Norton App Lock

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