Can You Protect Notes With A Password In OneNotes For Windows 10?

One question that you see circulating in the “Q&A” forums on the internet, regarding Microsoft OneNote for Windows 10, is “Can you password protect your notes?“. The answer is a resoundingly “yes”. After exploring the various password options using the OneNote version for Windows 10, the Android version and the web-based version; I will tell you that you can add password protection with the Windows 10 version and the Android version. The option to password protect a note in the web-based version does not exist. Also, you can not password protect individual notebooks, but you can password protect individual sections within a notebook.

Password protecting the more sensitive notes in OneNote is important to me; especially, in the event, I lose my smartphone or someone other than myself accesses my computer. Is the password protection sufficient? I say yes because you need to jump through a couple of layers of security to get to the notes. For example, to get to the password-protected notes on my computer and smartphone, you would first need to access my two devices with a password (or other forms of security); then, you would need to access the protected notes with a password. Sort of like the two-factor authentification that you hear about and should be using.

If you want to learn “how to” protect notes with a password in OneNote for Windows 10, CLICK HERE, where you will be directed to the OneNote support site. The screenshot below pretty much tells the story on how to do this from your computer…

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