PeaZip – A More Powerful Alternative To The Built-In Windows 10 Zip Utility

PeaZip is a more powerful alternative to the built-in Windows 10 zip utility and is similar to other archive utilities such as WinZip and WinRar. PeaZip can open and extract 180+ archive formats in an easy-to-use interface. If you are wanting to learn about compressing multiple files into a compressed “zip” archive or extracting “zip” files, this is good for that. PeaZip is open source software, is FREE and is available as a full install or portable app.

rar zip file browser explorer

This software deploys a powerful and complete file manager for editing, viewing, browsing and searching archive files, featuring a wide set of data security functions: strong encryption (AES, Twofish, Serpent), encrypted password manager, optional two-factor authentication (encryption with password and keyfile), secure delete, and file hashing tools.

Source: PeaZip free archiver utility, open extract RAR TAR ZIP files

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