Use Your Phone As One Of Those Wallet Magnifier Cards

You may be like me and carry one of those wallet magnifier cards to use in those instances where you need to magnify small text; but, did you know you can use your smartphone to do the same thing. There are numerous “magnifier” apps on the Google Play Store that will turn your phone into a magnifier card; but, most are polluted with ads. After doing a lot of searching, I settled with the Android app called weZoom. On the get-go, it is FREE and I mean ad free; AND, for an ad free app “weZoom” has many of the features of the paid apps. You can “pinch to zoom in and out”‘; tap the screen to clear up what you are seeing; pause what you are seeing; capture what you are seeing; illuminate what you are seeing; and, even share (via other apps) what you are seeing.

weZoom, best app out there to serve as that wallet magnifier card…

Screenshot Image

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3 thoughts on “Use Your Phone As One Of Those Wallet Magnifier Cards

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    1. Jacqui,

      Sorry for the late response on the this. I tried looking on the app store for Apple, but an account is needed. I am sure they have similar app. Do a search for a “magnifying glass”. I really like the one I posted about and has come in handy quite a few times.

      Thank you,


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