Today at “What’s On My PC” – Used My Smartphone To Remotely Monitor A Generator During A Power Outage

November 29, 2019

Today’s Thoughts From Rick – “Used My Smartphone To Remotely Monitor A Generator During A Power Outage”:

There are so many things that you can use your Smartphone for that you probably are not even aware of. During a power outage yesterday (Thanksgiving) my past skills from yesteryear in emergency management (with the State of MD) kicked into gear.  At a very rural location where the internet only exists with satellite, cell phone coverage is next to non-existent, and a generator is required during outages; I was able to remotely monitor, from my smartphone, the operation of the generator (kudos to Kohler) in real-time; monitor the precise location where the outage (power lines down) occurred and the status of the repairs (kudos to PE-First Energy); and, communicate by email with a family member at that location. In the end, after a 10-hour outage, we met with the family member, performed a post-assessment of the event, and then had our Thanksgiving dinner.

Folks, as we continue to dive into smart devices and AI (artificial intelligence); learn to use the technology that is available through these devices to improve your quality of life and make yourself and others safer. At the same time, always have a contingency plan in place if these devices fail.

Today’s Tech News Briefs:

Here are six of the most common examples of cyber threats, and how to best prevent them; Great movies to stream this Thanksgiving; AND, All the news today is about Black Friday Deals as Amazon

Today’s Software Pick:

LastPass Password Manager – The last password you’ll ever have to remember. This easy to use password manager will make your browsing a lot easier and much more secure without having to remember multiple passwords.

Today’s Android Pick:

PBS NewsHour – An hour-long evening news broadcast, hosted by Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff which offers news updates, analysis, live studio interviews, discussions and foreign and domestic reports to put the day’s news in context.

Screenshot Image

Today’s “How To” Pick:

Create shortcuts for apps, files, folders, and web pages in Windows 10 – One of the most efficient ways to access your favorite apps, files, folders, and web pages is through shortcuts. That is why, in spite of the clutter, many of us choose to have lots of shortcuts on our desktops. This tutorial shows you how to create all kinds of shortcuts in Windows 10. There’s quite a bit of ground to cover, so let’s get started — Continue Reading @ Digital Citizen

It's easier pressing Browse than typing in an item's location

Today’s Amazon Deal (don’t know how long this deal will last):

Folks, as you well know, today is Black Friday and at Amazon the deals are now live

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