Today’s Wallpaper: Fort Rock Valley Historical Homestead Museum

Fort Rock Valley
Historical Homestead Museum

The spooky scene here might look like a place you’d want to avoid, but it’s not likely to scare you—not too much anyway. It’s the Fort Rock Valley Historical Homestead Museum in central Oregon, a collection of abandoned homestead-era buildings from the area. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, people acquired federal lands around here for farms and ranches via the Homestead Acts. But most left within a few years due to the hot, dry summers and extremely cold winters. Today, the buildings are assembled as a ghost town and contain items from that period, including furniture, dishes, and tools. There’s also a nearby cemetery which, according to local lore, is haunted by the ghost of a rancher and author Reub Long riding his horse. — Read More @ Bing

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