Today’s Software Picks: PDF Anti-Copy, Shotcut and WPS Office Suite

Today’s software picks feature a utility called PDF Anti-copy that prevents anyone from copying or converting your PDF Documents. I can see this coming in handy when managing legal documents. Second, on the list is a popular open source (FREE) video editor called Shotcut. Then, if you are in a pinch for a FREE Office Suite that is very compatible with Microsoft Office you may want to take a look at WPS Office Free 2019. Here at “What’s On My PC”, I use WPS as my main office suite, but with one caveat. If you go to the WPS site download the 2016 version. I have found that it is less complex in appearance, minimal ads, and uses less drive space.

4 thoughts on “Today’s Software Picks: PDF Anti-Copy, Shotcut and WPS Office Suite

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  1. Not sure why the caveat of using the 2016 version of WPS I upgraded to the 2019 and really liked the new layout after a short time getting used to it. I like having tabs build in unlike which Microsoft office where I had to use a third-party program to be able to use these. The only thing I don’t like is having to go to a template page when I want to open a new document tab.


    1. Roy,

      Thanks for your input on this. What I found (and just my opinion) is that the 2016 version used less drive space and quickly loads to the blank document page. WPS is an awesome alternative to Microsoft Office (even though it is developed in China (???). I started thinking about what you were saying about “having to go to the template page” and I remembered at some point there is a way to get around that. Did some checking, and this may be helpful to you:

      Again, I appreciate your input on this. Helps others out there…



      1. I’m using a large desktop which means that drive space is not a concern. I’m sure that your workaround would work but it needs the Premium version and I no longer use a word processor enough to warrant the cost.

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      2. I hear you… I typically go to Google Docs, the online watered-down version of MS-Office and the online version of Zoho Writer (which I am currently messing around with).



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