Shhh… Pre-Release NirSoft Tech Tools (password included)

The NirSoft website offers a broad array of tech utilities that has had a following in the tech community for years. Buried in their site is a page that features “pre-release” Nir-Soft Tools that I found to be interesting.

These tools, as a result of being in current development (most likely in alpha stage), do not have their own icons, no screenshots, no help files, and no translations; however, there is a short description of each tool. The introduction to these tools on their ‘pre-release” site specifically states, “If you choose to download and try to use them, do it with extreme caution, and of course it’s at your own risk !!”. That is all I needed to see. Like the curiosity of my cat, “Emma Faith Clementine”, I had to take these utilities for a ride (download and run). Each utility is in the zip file. format and require a password to unzip the file (shhh… the password is: SoftNirPre987@ ).

The tools that I ran worked “for me” with no issues. My favorite on the list, that I decided to keep in my tech toolbox, was BrowserDownloadsView. This tool was forensic in nature in that it displays the list of the latest files downloaded in Chrome and Firefox.

So if you are like most computer techs with that cat curiosity (and nine lives), you may want to explore these utilities (with caution, of course)…

Source: Pre-release NirSoft Tools

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