Quick Tip: How To Turn A Gmail Account Into A Powerful Note-Taking And Note-Keeping App

Evernote, OneNote, and SimpleNote are the note-taking apps that we all hear about. I have accounts with all three and have used them extensively; however, I just cannot get settled with any of them. I initially started out with a free Evernote account; then, Evernote ended up limiting what you could and could not do. OneNote, great note-taking app; however, I was never completely satisfied with the app, due to its’ slowness (in loading and performing searches). Simplenote, which is text-based only (with some markup language) is ok if all you want to do is save text-based notes.

After using all three of these, I kept thinking, there has to be a better way. This is when I came up with the idea of creating and using a separate Gmail account from my personal Gmail account to specifically store notes, documents, etc. Think about it. anything you find on the internet can be sent directly to a Gmail account; plus, on my Android phone, I can share (or send) just about anything to a Gmail account (i.e. scanned documents, photos, etc…). Gmail also has the labeling feature built-in where hierarchical note categories can be created (or labeled); plus, it has the ability to create rich text-based notes (using the email editor). The real clincher with this is Gmail’s (Google’s) powerful search capabilities, 15GB of storage, and the ability to attach documents using Google Docs. I have been working with this idea for close to 2 years and the key point in making it work is that the account should be strictly used for note-taking (or note-keeping) purposes only; and, not for daily email purposes. In other words, my Gmail note-taking account is a completely separate account from my main personal Gmail account in order to prevent clutter.

In the end, as I continue to work with this (for nearly 2 years), I am finding that the concept of customizing and using a Gmail account for note-taking and note-keeping purposes has far exceeded my expectations… What I have reflected below in the screenshot is “my way” of doing this and have changed “my way” of doing this several times since the original posting of this article. You can make this as easy or complex as you want and that is one of the reasons I like using a separate Gmail account for my important notes (and documents). You can easily do this as well, by creating an account at Gmail.com. Give the account a name that you will recognize for note-taking purposes. For example, “johndoe.notebook@gmail.com” … — Rick @ What’s On My PC

After performing some customization, here is an example (screenshot) of what my Gmail Notekeeping App looks like.

Click Here For Larger View


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