A lightweight extension to reduce Google Chrome’s memory footprint…

If you use Google Chrome, “The Great Suspender” (browser extension) will actually reduce your memory footprint by basically freezing or suspending tabs you have open after a prescribed amount of time. For example, I have “The Great Suspender” configured to suspend any open tabs I have active after a time period of 15 minutes. As a result, memory is freed up and the CPU becomes less taxed. To reactivate the suspended tab, simply click on the page to reload the page content.

You can download this highly rated app at the Google Chrome Store (see source link below).

Source: The Great Suspender – Chrome Web Store

4 thoughts on “A lightweight extension to reduce Google Chrome’s memory footprint…

  1. Thank you for posting about this great extension! I totally forgot about the extension until I come across this post now my browser isn’t looking up anymore. 😊


      1. You’re welcome Rick, it is always a pleasure stopping by to read your blog since you provide useful content. I agree “Great Suspender” is one of the best gem extensions among the other extensions in the google store.


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