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Want to customize, and I mean really “customize”, your very own browser start page (also called your “home page”). If so, take a look at Start.me… I have been using this service for quite some time and it continues to improve. I currently have my Start.me (home page) setup as a dashboard where I can, at a glance, see my emails, task, calendar, weather, calculator, news, etc… Big, big timesaver! This is all done via widgets that you can install and move around. Highly recommended…

We spend a lot of time on the Internet. We browse the web to discover. Or we search for something specific, like a delicious recipe or a motivational article. start.me’s bookmark manager lets you easily save and organize all of your favorite webpages on a customizable dashboard. Using start.me, you’ll spend less time digging for links and more time browsing them.

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  1. I just set it up and like it a lot. I’m using it on an iMac, with Firefox browser & plugin so that opening a new tab takes me to my start page (as well as setting it as my homepage). However, before I add any sensitive bookmarks (to financial institutions I have accounts with etc.) I looked for reviews with some independent assessment that start.me is secure and private. I couldn’t find anything addressing this directly, However, I did find this page of your blog. Do you know?


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