A Lightweight (Simple In Design) Music Player For Android

Here is an really nice, lightweight, and simple Android app (with advanced features), called Musicolet, that plays music files (mp3 etc) that you may already have in your personal collection. Musicolet does not support internet-based music streaming and as a result requires no internet related permissions or connections. It is 100% FREE with no ads. Musicolet has become my go to music player when it comes to playing my personal music files.

To install on your smartphone, simply go to the Google Play Store app and search for Musicolet…

SOURCE: Google Play Store – Musicolet Music Player [Free, No ads]

3 thoughts on “A Lightweight (Simple In Design) Music Player For Android

  1. Thank you Ramblinrick, For posting about this lightweight music player. As of recently I was looking for a lightweight player that didn’t display ads but also had a decent amount of features with no luck… I found this post because you liked one of my recent posts titled “A Open Letter To My Current Enemies” and when I clicked on your name I saw that your most recent post was about this lightweight music player…

    This lightweight music player is by far the best music player I have used so far and I’m pretty sure that no other lightweight music player is going to match it because they don’t offer this many features without injecting ads for development.

    Thank you again for continuing to post useful android apps on your site. 🙂



    1. Pyrx,

      A “belated” thank you…

      I follow along on your blog. Your testimony, people need to see and is an example to follow when living as a Christian. We, including myself, have experienced those “Jerry Springer” moments; but, what I found is if you stick close to your faith you will see that it is just that, “an experience”. In my own “Jerry Springer” moment (similar to your’s) I found that time does heal and as a matter of fact I look back on it and it is almost like it has been blocked from my memory. I also learned it was not for me to judge and that ultimately all of our actions throughout our lives will be reviewed by our God Almighty. Hang in there…


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      1. Rick, you’re welcome! Thank you, for sharing such encouragement with me, the Lord did say to me recently that the pain will become a blur in the background and you have confirmed that my friend and bother in Christ by stating your pain is a distant memory for you.

        I am determined to use this pain through the Lord, as a stepping ground to strengthen me, instead of allowing it to destroy me. I too really enjoy following your blog and discovering new apps and software that are worth using. 🙂



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