Ask A Tech Teacher About Microsoft Sway

One of my favorite educational sites is “Ask A Tech Teacher“. If you have kids, I strongly recommend that you and your kids visit this site on a regular basis; and, if you are a kid like me (who is 60 years old), this site is a “must visit” site. You will learn something new every day…

For example, today I learned about “What is Microsoft Sway?”.

Sway is part of Office 365 Education and is the newest alternative to its popular PowerPoint slideshow program. Using the Sway canvas, students select a theme and then add their notes and research. Sway organizes the content, suggests images and even data, and then helps students to quickly arrange everything into a comprehensive and fully-fleshed project. If the selected theme doesn’t work, students simply click “remix” and get a different look. More advanced users can edit the pieces to fit particular colors and interests. When everything’s perfect, it can be shared, embedded, and published… READ MORE

SOURCE: Ask A Tech Teacher – What is Microsoft Sway?

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