Microsoft Patches MS-Word Exploit That Spreads Malware

On the same day Microsoft officially began rolling out the Creators Update for Windows 10, they were also rolling out a patch for a zero-day exploit (that spreads malware) for all current Microsoft Office versions used on every Windows operating system (including the latest Office 2016 running on Windows 10). If you are running Microsoft Office at home, make sure you have installed the patch. To learn more, click on the source link below…

All versions of Office on all versions of Windows are vulnerable to this zero-day that spreads malware, so make sure you patch quickly

Source: Microsoft patches Word zero-day booby-trap exploit – Naked Security

3 thoughts on “Microsoft Patches MS-Word Exploit That Spreads Malware

  1. I just finished patching a lot of computers with the 4 Security updates.

    32bit – Office 2010 security updates
    kb3191874 Excel 2010
    kb3141538 MS Office 2010
    kb3118388 Outlook 2010
    kb2589382 MS Office 2010

    64bit – Office 2010 security updates
    kb3191847 Excel 2010
    kb3141538 MS Office 2010
    kb3118388 Outlook 2010
    kb2589382 MS Office 2010


  2. Sorry, I need to mention this as well. Some of those computers did not have Microsoft updates enabled, only Windows update. I actually installed Silverlight to get Microsoft updates enabled. There is a checkbox to enable it on the last screen of Silverlight installation.

    If anyone knows of another way to enable this in Windows 7, please let me know. All references I found today took me to an MS page telling me to launch windows update which, of course, did not enable Microsoft updates.

    The difference: Running Windows updates ONLY updates Windows updates while Microsoft update updates all Microsoft products. It’s easy to miss an Office XXXX update if Microsoft updates is not enabled.


  3. Dwayne,

    Thank you for your “hands on” experience with this that points out just how important this patch is… It appears from your description, you had your hands full with this.

    Folks, Dwayne is one of, if not the best, IT guy I know…



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