GEGeek – My “Go To” Computer Information Technology Resource (and Toolkit)

If you have a passion for computer information technology and need a “go to” resource, I strongly encourage you to visit (and bookmark), … I found this site approximately 4 years ago, met the original developer, and ended up including it as an extension of my blog. I have a real passion for technology; and, when I found this site, I knew I had hit the jackpot.

If you notice, at the top of the blog, you will find a tab labeled GEGeek that will redirect you to the the GEGeek site. The current developer (Jason) continues to make this site, in my opinion, one of the best “go to” sites on the internet for resources relating to computer information technology.  If I was a new tech, I would be digging into this site to expand my knowledge, due to the fact that the developers have extensive backgrounds of many years as techs. If you are a home-based computer user, definitely bookmark this site as a resource to troubleshoot any future problems you will encounter.

A gem at is their continued development and compilation of their portable Tech Toolkit. A minimum $15 donation is required to get access to the toolkit. I am personally subscribed and I can tell you, I have never seen anything like this when it comes to tech toolkits.  As a matter of fact, you are not getting a toolkit, you are getting the whole garage with every tech tool imaginable inside…  Enjoy!!! 


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