DailyRoads Voyager – Turn Your Smartphone Into A Dashcam

It is unbelievable what one can do with these smartphones these days. I now know why the PC industry is on the downslide. It is because of apps such as DailyRoads Voyager. I have a real passion for software and the Android platform continues to feed my passion. This app (DailyRoads Voyager) allows you to turn your phone into a dashcam; and, I must say it has worked flawlessly for me. You will need a phone mount that you can place at dash level in order for this to work for you and it is advisable that you keep the phone plugged in when using this; and, “yes” you can continue to use the phone when running the app (which will run in the background). On my phone I have the app saving the video to the SD card in 3GB segments (note: you can allocate how much space to use to store video).

Key features:

– Continuous video recording, with user-defined length and video quality; sound can be included
– User-defined storage space on the SD card with cyclic recording; i.e. the card never fills up
– One-touch video retention allows you to keep video files for interesting road events during the whole journey
– Auto retain video upon sudden shock (e.g. accident); configurable g-force sensitivity
– Automatically capture photos at user-defined intervals and resolutions; great for time-lapse photography
– Background video/photo capture, with optional buttons over other applications
– Auto start and shutdown based on car dock detection and related options
– Videos/photos are timestamped & geotagged
– Automatically determine street address of retained videos/photos
– Display videos/photos location on a map
– Display speed, elevation, timestamp and GPS coordinates on videos/photos
– Option to change speed units (km/h, mph) and date format
– Overheating protection
– GPS can be disabled to reduce power consumption
– Brightness adjustment option allows less distraction when driving at night
– Built-in file manager, video/photo browser
– Add title/description/bookmark to files
– Upload files to DailyRoads.com
– App2SD

Source: DailyRoads Voyager – Android Apps on Google Play

3 thoughts on “DailyRoads Voyager – Turn Your Smartphone Into A Dashcam

  1. I use an old deactivated Galaxy s4 as my dashcam. It works great. I am looking for a way to let my partner log into my hot spot and see the video from Daily Roads live. Is there a way to do this?


    1. Leora,

      I always tell people, “if you can think it, you probably can do it” when it comes to technology. I have never tried that and what you are “thinking” is a very interesting concept. Give it a try. If using as a hotspot, your partner would have to be close by. Hmmm… Wonder if he could remote into the phone to see the screen somehow?



  2. Looks great at first glance.
    I just upgraded my phone so now have a semi redundant Samsung i8200N phone.
    I’m just waiting for a dashboard mount (eBay) and will have SD card before too long.
    All appears to work OK but just trying to sort out how to retrieve the media.
    ****No point studiously recording everything then when needed can’t retrieve******


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