Are these people nuts?

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Folks, the tech industry is talking about upcoming “improvements” to Windows 10. Which of course is an indicator of the evolution of our devices.. and what the big brains at the billion dollar companies think we want..

* Windows 10: Ten missing and highly anticipated features due in 2017

A look at the most significant changes due to hit Microsoft’s evolving OS in the coming year.Read more..

Okay.. I don’t want ANY of that. Do you? (Are you ‘eagerly anticipating’?) Would you even call these ‘improvements’?

The only one I think worthy of mention is for a browser I’ll never use.

I’m going to replace my desktop with a phone..? I guess marijuana is legal in the State of Washington? Cuz they gotta be high.

… It’s like they spend so much time in their labs, they have a complete disconnect with human psychology.. The numbers telling…

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3 thoughts on “Are these people nuts?

  1. “Orchestrate Windows apps using Linux tools”: Of keen interest to developers.

    “Better battery life”: Who’s not for that?

    “Blue light reduction”: I think Rick himself has blogged in favor of apps which provide this.


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