Back In Full Service and Geek Glory

If you are a visitor of my blog, then you most likely know about Bill Mullins’ Weblog – Tech Thoughts. Bill was actually one of the folks out there that served as a mentor to me when I first got into blogging (nearly 8 years ago). Bill’s blog initially specialized in technologies related to System and Internet Security; HOWEVER, the past couple of years he has been posting his very popular (daily) Tech Thoughts Net News. No need to spend hours looking for tech news, Bill does it for us.

Some moons ago, I noticed Bill’s blog had come to an abrupt halt and I later found out he was dealing with some of those curve balls that life has a tendency to throw at us. Well, some good news this week, I noticed on Monday (May 30th), Bill’s Tech Thoughts Net News was back in full service and geek glory.

I encourage you to visit Bill’s blog to welcome him back and to encourage him to keep doing what he does… Also, as a matter of convenience for my visitor’s, if you click on the tab at the top of the blog labelled “Tech News”, you will be taken directly to the Tech Thoughts Net News.

Tech Thoughts Net News

Tech Thoughts Net News

2 thoughts on “Back In Full Service and Geek Glory

  1. It’s funny how we feel close to bloggers we follow and worry when they disappear. It seems Bill might be closer than just an efriend, but I’ve experienced anxiety when people I’ve come to like strictly via their blog disappear. Best to let us-all know if taking a break, don’t you think?


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