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Active@ KillDisk Freeware is an easy-to use & compact utility that allows to sanitize storage media with the One Pass Zeros data sanitizing standard…

Freeware version includes Windows, Linux or MacOS X executables, User Guide, License as well as Console Boot Disk ISO image (Windows & Linux only) containing KillDisk pre-installed and bootable disk creator for CD/DVD/Blu-ray & USB disks. With Boot Disks you can boot up and sanitize any PC without needing to boot to the computer’s operating system first. System disk (where Windows OS is usually installed) can be easily sanitized this way, which isn’t possible when you run KillDisk under your computer’s Operating System.

Active@ KillDisk
Erasing Complete - Sanitizing Certificate (PDF)

Source: KillDisk Freeware

Desktop Info v2.10.0 Released

Real Time System Information At Your Fingertips – This little application displays real time system information on your desktop. Perfect for quick identification, walk-by monitoring and simple remote monitoring of production servers, test farms or any computer you’re responsible for. Uses little memory and low cpu. Everything is customisable including language.

Glenn’s Page – Desktop Info

Source: Glenn’s Page – Desktop Info

Microsoft Edge Stable 87.0.664.52

Microsoft Edge is the browser that you see as part of the Windows 10 OS. Here at “Tech News for You”, Microsoft Edge is one of those browsers I am using and testing. What I have experienced is a very refined web browser that can go head-to-head with any browser out there. Updates are automatic… To see all the features of Microsoft Edge, follow the source link below.

Tech News for You

Source: Microsoft – Microsoft Edge

A clipboard manager for your Chromebook…

Chromebooks will eventually have a clipboard manager built-in to save multiple clipboard entries; however, that has yet to materialize. If your Chromebook supports the installation of Android apps, there are a sufficient number of clipboard managers on the Google Play Store that you could try (and many I have tried). A solution that I found that is simplistic and gets the job done is a Google Chrome app called, you got it, “Clipboard Manager” which was specifically developed for Chrome OS. You can download and install it from the source link below. What I like about this app is that I can pin it to the “shelf” at the bottom of the screen and depending on what order you have it positioned on the shelf, you can launch it by using the “Alt” key. For example, I have “Clipboard Manager” at the 8th icon position on the shelf; therefore, I can launch it by hitting “Alt + 8” on my keyboard. Another selling point with me on this app is that my Chromebook supports Linux and this app will work when using Linux apps, as well (however, I did find that my combo Alt +8 keyboard trick did not work when running a Linux app). If you need a clipboard manager (for your Chromebook), “Clipboard Manager” is a good choice…

Source: Google Chrome Web Store – Clipboard Manager

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